General Project Questions

What is the best way to stay updated on all the news and information regarding the project?

To receive updates on the Coliseum project, including conceptual renderings, seating options and amenities, please register to become a Coliseum Renovation Insider HERE. USC Trojan Athletic Fund members and season ticket holders need not register, as they will be the first to receive project updates.

When will construction start? When will it be completed?

We will begin construction immediately following the 2017 season and expect project completion in time for the 2019 home opener.

Will USC be able to play at the LA Memorial Coliseum during the 2018 season?

Yes. We will plan construction so that the 2018 season can be played at the Coliseum.

What are the main changes that we can expect to see at a renovated LA Memorial Coliseum?

  • Replace every seat in the stadium and install handrails throughout
  • Add aisles, widen seats and increase legroom in many sections
  • Build The Scholarship Club Tower on the south side of the stadium that will include suites, loge boxes, club seats, a new concourse and press box
  • Restore the iconic peristyle to more closely resemble the stadium’s original design
  • Update Wi-Fi technology
  • Improve audio and video, including two new large screens at the east end of the stadium
  • Add and improve concession stands
  • Upgrade entry concourses
  • Replace the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems to meet current standards

Why renovate the LA Memorial Coliseum?

Built in 1923, the Coliseum is long overdue for a renovation. As part of our lease agreement, USC is obligated to make significant improvements to the Coliseum. The renovation of the Coliseum is intended to:

  • Ensure that the game-day experience provides all fans options to enjoy the stadium’s new amenities while recognizing the loyalty of our long-time fans
  • Provide our football team with a first-class facility and a tremendous home field advantage
  • Create long-term revenue streams so that USC Athletics can sustain excellence across ALL sports for generations to come
  • Preserve the historical integrity of the Coliseum

How much is the project going to cost and how will it be funded?

The total project cost is estimated at $270 million and will be funded entirely by USC Athletics from Coliseum Restoration Gifts, sponsorship revenue, non-USC athletic events at the Coliseum, and donor naming opportunities. The project will not require any student fees or general university, local, state or federal funds.

What is a Coliseum Restoration Gift? What is the timing on paying a Coliseum Restoration Gift?

A Coliseum Restoration Gift is a one-time gift associated with certain priority seats. These gift amounts were determined based on construction costs only associated with stadium seating enhancements. Coliseum Restoration Gift amounts are payable over four years.

What is the Coliseum Renovation Preview Center?

The Coliseum Renovation Preview Center is a facility located just outside of the peristyle that allows Trojan Athletic Fund (TAF) members and season ticket holders to visualize new amenities and conceptualize the future game-day experience. A mock section, complete with seats, cup holders and additional legroom, allows members to personally experience these improvements.

Will the students or band be relocated?

No. This is their team. The band and students are a vital part of the game-day experience.

Seating Questions

Why is the proposed capacity being reduced to approximately 77,500?

The reduction in capacity is a function of the numerous enhancements being made that are intended to provide a more enjoyable and safer experience for ALL fans. These include wider seats and more legroom in some sections, new aisles, two new video boards and The Scholarship Club Tower.

Will there be a re-seat?

Yes, the reduced capacity will necessitate an entire re-seat of the Coliseum which we understand is a very delicate subject for everyone. Our pledge to you is that we will make this as fan-friendly as possible. We understand, in many cases, you have had season tickets in the same location for years and have become friends with those seated near you. We will make every effort to address these concerns as we strive to personally engage every TAF member and season ticket holder.

I have sat with friends for many years in the Coliseum. Will we be able to continue to sit together after the renovation is complete?

We will do our best to keep families and friends together; however, every member will need to meet the required minimum annual membership and Coliseum restoration gift amount designated for that seating section.

Since the entire Coliseum will be re-seated in 2019, what is the process for selection?

All seats in the Coliseum will be replaced in 2019, requiring a complete re-seat. We will work with each member and season ticket holder to ensure they are provided with various seating options to make the best decision for his/her family.

What is the new seating configuration, including the re-numbering of sections, rows and seats?

The new seating configuration will feature three levels of seating: 100, 200 and 300. We will no longer feature a H (high) or L (low) seating distinction.

When will I be able to request new or upgraded seats?

Once seating plans are finalized and pricing and amenities are determined, Trojan Athletic Fund members, season ticket holders and Coliseum renovation insiders will be notified regarding the timeline, seating options and details of the seat selection process.

Will any seats have obstructed views of the field?

No. We will not sell any seats which have partial views of the field.

Will I be able to transfer my seats to someone else in the future?

Yes, the department will acknowledge a one-time transfer of seats, free of charge, as long as it is to an immediate family member. However, the designated annual membership for the seating location must remain current.

What sort of premium seating options will be available as a result of the renovation?

A variety of new seating options – including suites, loge boxes and club seats – will be available on the south side of the stadium in the new Scholarship Club Tower.  Please CLICK HERE to view renderings of the Scholarship Club Tower seating.  To ensure you stay informed about all aspects of the project, register to become a Coliseum Renovation Insider HERE.

Will all fans be required to donate or pay a Coliseum Restoration Gift?

No. USC Athletics is committed to providing affordable seating options to all fans. Approximately two-thirds of the seats will not require a Coliseum Restoration Gift.

Will some Trojan Athletic Fund (TAF) members and some season ticket holders have temporary seat locations for the 2018 season?

Yes. The construction of The Scholarship Club Tower begins in 2018 and will require moving the seats of affected TAF members and affected season ticket holders. We will work individually with these members to ensure they are provided seating options for the 2018 season.

When will Trojan Athletic Fund (TAF) members and season ticket holders be contacted regarding their individual seating options?

TAF Members: Members will be contacted according to membership level, beginning with the Scholarship Club. Members are ranked for selection according to their lifetime giving to USC Athletics within their membership group. The process is expected to last 15 months.

Season Ticket Holders:We will begin our outreach to all season ticket holders in the summer of 2018. Our goal is to have one-on-one conversations with every season ticket holder and provide various seating options so you can make the best decision for your family and friends.